Wdtv firmware release 1.03.02

wdtv firmware release 1.03.02

wdtv firmware release 1.03.02

Change the version to 1.03.02 and the wdtv think it’s a newer firmware even if it isn’t. When I upgraded to 1.03.01 from 1.02.07 my 8GB USB-stick stopped to work and I could only see one of my two disks in my external storagebox. Now back to 1.02.07, and everything back to normal. How can they release a firmware that don’t work!?!

WD is happy to release the WD TV Media Player Firmware Version 1.03.07. General information The following applications have been removed due to the end of support for this product from the applicable service provider: ABC iView DailyMotion Funspot Flixster Hulu Japan Live365 MediaMarkt RedBull Saturn YouTube Videos App Resolved Issues Resolved device lockup issue when streaming video …

Release 1.03.07 (4/20/2016) | Release Notes Download Product Details. Automatically Updating the firmware on your WD TV Connect your WD TV to an Internet connection. WD TV will automatically check and notify you if a new firmware is available for update at the Home menu. Confirm the action and your WD TV will be automatically updated. Manually Updating the firmware on your WD TV. Download the ...

 · Problem with new firmware 1.03.02 ... Reset the sensor (power on and then hold a paper clip in the reset hole for 10 seconds and release). 3. Setup from scratch and see if it operates normally. I will forward this to the US product group for review. You may want to contact Canada's tech support to report this issue. EDIT: The unit I have seems to be working OK. I will have a tech verify it has ...

WD is happy to announce our latest firmware update for the WD TV Live Media Player. For the firmware update and release notes please check out the WD TV Live Product Update page. For instructions on how to do either an automatic or manual update, please refer to Answer ID 5343: How to update the firmware on a WD TV Live HD Media Player

Well, I was just wondering if the pre-release firmware 1.03.22 takes care of fixing the connectivity problem I’m having with my new WDElements 1.5TB external desktop drive. I currently have firmware 1.02.21 and my drive is not seen from the WD TV Live. I plug it in and it’s not there. Does this pre-release …

WD TV Live Firmware. Correzpond. October 15, 2015, 1:45am #1. I don’t understand why the other thread on v1.03.40 has been locked. In particular I don’t understand the references to v1.03.40 as “wasn’t meant for everyone” when v1.03.39 for the WDTV Live (i.e. I don’t mean the Plus) seemingly missed posting here altogether. In any case WDTV Live users previously on v1.03.38 ...

New Release - WD TV Media Player Firmware Version 1.02.17. WD Legacy Products. WD TV Media Player. Scottie. 2015-10-15 02:28:02 UTC #1. When will new firmware be avaliable for the WDTV Media Player? I bought this new version to hopefully resolve alot of the issues with the previous version. Unfortunatley this new version is worse than the previous version and nearly unusable ? I think I might ...

Goodbye WD TV Live. JoeySmyth. April 21, 2016, 1:36am #2. I wonder if they fixed the MP4 bug ? It’s not it the release notes. They did ... so when WD Release “Rollback Firmware” to 2.02.32 then they will have to change the Version Number to a Higher Number eg. VERSION='4.03.20’ LOCATION=‘wdtvlivegen3.bin’ PKG_LOCATION=‘wdtvlivegen3.pkg’ ROOTFS2=‘wdtvlivegen3.bi2’ …

 · WD has pooched the firmware update for the WDTV Live Streaming model. Firmware 2.01.86 is fine. The update (2.02.86) stops the playback of High encoded H264's (YMMV). I had to re-encode with Baseline Constrained. Luckily, there is a "rollback" firmware update that brings your unit back to 2.01.86. Better to not even do the update. I turned off "check for updates" after I managed to …

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