Should you update firmware on blu ray player

should you update firmware on blu ray player

should you update firmware on blu ray player

Manufacturers may update their Blu-ray player firmware in order to add new functionality and rectify known playback issues. For optimal performance, we recommend you visit the Official Blu-ray website on a regular basis to check for available updates. For further information on a specific player, please click on one of the major Blu-ray player manufacturers links below.

As you can see, my Blu-Ray player is running firmware version 1008 from Samsung but the latest is version 1015. Time to update! That’d done by actually choosing “Software Update” to step into that menu option. Here’s what you’ll see:

There are two ways to update the Blu-ray Disc player firmware: Network Update: The Network Update operation is straightforward. Sony highly recommends that you use the Network Update method. You will need to connect the Blu-ray Disc player to your Internet source using an Ethernet cable.

 · Blu-ray players have firmware updates for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s to fix bugs/problems in the players themselves. Sometimes the Blu-ray standard is upgraded, and you need a firmware update to let your player take advantage of those changes. Some manufacturers will take positive advantage of this, and add new features to their players. Oppo has done this well in the past, …

 · Here are the different options for performing a firmware update: If your Blu-ray Disc Player is Connected to the Internet (Recommended) The steps to install and perform the firmware update directly on your Blu-ray Disc player through an internet connection, vary depending on the model that you have. Select the appropriate link below for steps on how to perform the firmware update: For Blu-ray ...

Use the arrow keys to select "System Information", and then press the ENTER button. The firmware version currently installed on the Blu-ray Disc player will be listed on the television screen. If the last three digits of the version number are 026 or higher, it is not necessary to install this firmware upgrade.

If you do not have Internet available on the Blu-ray Player, you may need to perform a Manual Firmware Update. Press the Home/Smart button on your remote. Usually, when a firmware update is available, a message will appear in the bottom right of the Home screen.

 · Sony Blu Ray players are designed to be updated frequently with the newest programming, called "firmware." Although the updates used to be done with a disc, they can now be performed over the Internet. Learn more …

As Blu-ray provides the best video and audio quality, and it helps a lot after we know the methods of how to update Samsung 3d Blu-ray player. But what should you do when your Blu-ray player's broken? Currently, streaming is much more convenient. And if you'd rather store those high-quality Blu-ray movies on a PC and play them through something ...

 · Using Firmware Update Burned to CD. Navigate to the global Panasonic Blu-ray player support page and select the firmware update for your specific Panasonic Blu-ray player that you want to apply.; Click the green "Download" button after selecting your region and then select the location on your computer's hard drive where you want to download the firmware update.

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