Netgear orbi firmware v2 5.0 38

netgear orbi firmware v2 5.0 38

netgear orbi firmware v2 5.0 38

Hello Orbi Community, As you may be aware, there has been a new firmware version available for the RBR50 & RBS50. To access the firmware version, please use the links below: RBR50: v2.5.0.38 RBS50: v2.5.0.38 Respectfully, Christian

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Re: New Firmware v2.5.0.38 [Bug Fix] Updates the OpenVPN certificate from MD5 to SHA-256. In addition to the Entrust Certificate for https, it would be helpful if someone verifies whether this change in OpenVPN means that new Windows/Mac/Phone ovpn files need to be generated and deployed to devices that use VPN.

Re: New Firmware v2.5.0.38 Update went well, it took a bit to settle down and my devices connected back up. The only issue I have is not being able to update the device names via the UI or the Orbi app.

Re: Latest Firmware V2.5.0.38 The thing is, i have around 70 device with manual ip assigned, and like 10 port forwards, and vpn configured. I thing i have to spend like 4-6 hours to reconfigure if i have to do a factory reset, so that is not an option for me. was installed after alert appeared on my ORBI app. I have 3 satellites . Installation went fine . All devices working , speeds are good BUT the new enhanced device recognition is a joke. The names and types of my 30+ devices are scrambled e.g: Thermostat showing up as a Door Bell, Garage Door as a camera, Laptop as a smart speaker etc. That would be a minor inconvenience IF i were ...

 · Friendly Review of the Netgear Orbi ( FW version which came out in October 2019 and FW version which came out in Nov...

Re: New Firmware v2.5.0.38 @FURRYe38 wrote: From what i gather, guest devices should be able to see each other while connected to the Guest Network also giving access to the local LAN side of the network to guest network devices.

 · If the Orbi Pro is connected to the Insight cloud, perform a firmware update through the firmware schedule policy, or manually perform a firmware update using the Insight app or local web interface. After updating to the latest firmware, make sure to update your version of the NETGEAR Insight app for the best functionality and user experience.

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