How to remove firmware password on macbook pro

how to remove firmware password on macbook pro

how to remove firmware password on macbook pro

 · I have a macbook pro, and i forgot the firmware password. Apple can’t help because I don’t have the original receipt and the owner gave it to my mom who passed away 2 years ago and I can’t find the receipt. I never expect something like this will happened lol.I just locked out of my macbook last year and now I just keep it without using it because my mum bought it for me and it means a ...

 · How to remove firmware password on MacBook . #apple#firmwarepassword

 · Click Utilities from the menu and then click Firmware Password Utility from the menu; From the dialog box, click the Turn off Firmware Password button. Enter the password you used. Click Turn off Firmward Password and restart your computer.

Power on the Mac and immediately press and hold command-option-P-R. The system will restart with the ‘bong' noise; allow it to do this 3 times. On the third ‘bong’ you can let go of the keys. The machine will now boot with a cleared password and reset PRAM/NVRAM.

 · Press and hold down Command + R buttons together until the Recovery Mode shows up. Find the Utilities screen and go to Utilities menu bar. Look for the option ‘Firmware Password Utility’. After that, try to turn the Firmware Password switch to Off.

 · That’s the key–when the Mac sees that the RAM configuration has changed (it also works if the Mac contains just one RAM board, and you add one for a total of two, or if you replace both RAM boards with two of a different size), then when you power up and hold down Command-Option-P-R (before the screen lights up) and let the Mac chime three times, it will reset the firmware password.

 · this tool open all macbook from 2010 to 2017 contact me: whatsapp: 004591811881

 · sudo firmwarepasswd -setpasswd # Set a new password sudo firmwarepasswd -check # Check whether a password is set sudo firmwarepasswd -verify # Verify your password sudo firmwarepasswd -delete #...

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