How to check firmware version in solaris x86

how to check firmware version in solaris x86

how to check firmware version in solaris x86

Which firmware are you talking about? If it is the OBP version that you're looking for, prtdiag -v will help you in most cases: System PROM revisions: ----- OBP 4.16.1 2004/09/03 04:22 Sun Fire V210/V240,Netra 240 OBDIAG 4.16.1 2004/09/03 04:23 The output of prtconf …

To check your software to see if they meet minimum version requirements for installation, perform the following steps: To determine which version of Oracle Solaris is installed: $ uname -r. 5.11. In this example, the version shown is Oracle Solaris 11 (5.11).

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The most reliable method for determining the release of the Solaris OS installed is through the contents of the /etc/release file. This file was first introduced in Solaris 2.5.1 HW 4/97 and is included in all subsequent versions. The various tables shown below can be used to map the contents of this file to the release of the Solaris OS installed.

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System Firmware Versions. This section includes information about the system firmware versions that you need to run the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.3 OS, and covers the following topics:

To view the BIOS version, type: show /SYS/MB/BIOS. The command returns output similar to the following: /SYS/MB/BIOS Targets: Properties: type = BIOS ipmi_name = MB/BIOS fru_name = SYSTEM BIOS fru_manufacturer = AMERICAN MEGATRENDS fru_version = 1ABSF005 fru_part_number = AMIBIOS8 Commands: cd show

Display the current system firmware version. Type:-> show /HOST sysfw_version /HOST Properties: sysfw_version = Sun System Firmware 9.5.2.c YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM-> Determine your next steps: If your server firmware version is 9.5.2.g or later, load the latest firmware image.

A system firmware patch includes firmware for the Oracle ILOM service processor and either BIOS for x86 systems, or OBP, Hypervisor, NYX, POST, etc. for SPARC systems. In this context, system firmware refers to firmware required for base server operation. It does not include firmware for ancillary devices such as controllers and disk drives.

Check Available Versions; Available Versions of Open Source Software; Preview the Update Operation ; Specify a New Boot Environment; Updating to a Version Older Than the Newest Version Allowed; Specifying the Version to Install; Specifying a Version Constraint Prior to Updating; Using an Oracle Solaris Constraint Package; Installing a Custom Constraint Package; Create a Custom Constraint ...

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