Dm900 not booting after new firmware

dm900 not booting after new firmware

dm900 not booting after new firmware

Hi, after change net from dhcp to manual , dm900 not continue boot (flashing red led) , ifconfig show for eth0 only inet6 , standart for ipv4 not show, known fix this problem ? opendreambox 2.5.0 dm900 ttyS0 dm900 …

DM900 can't show ip - dreambox and ! - is but isn't ip...putty - ifconfig eth0 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX - without result... I can't flash new image or backup...Was OpenATV 5.3 backup after i did my OpenATV 6.0 but crash was after when i turn on Kodirect... now dkpg and opkg no renew...can't flash new image...what i …

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just received new DM 900 , unfortunately it seems früher alles was besser . connecting box to electricity and LC-Display is totally black , Red light on front panel stays solid , the Ethernet ports lights are just freezes and no blinking , i would greatly appreciate if you guys could help me with this bootlog to find out whats wrong with this unwelcome Dreambox. CPU 01 Dreambox DM9 00. AVS ...

 · If the mobile phone has recently downloaded software and the system is reset, it is likely that these changes have caused application file corruption, installation errors, viruses, malware, and damaged system files, so Android boot loop after factory reset has occurred. Quick Fix Android Phone Stuck On Boot Screen without Much Efforts

This occurrence is known as Bootloop. This would've happened most probably because of an error during flashing the rom, or you might've missed some step. Try entering ...

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